We are Greif Lazic, a queer artist duo creating our art with and in love here in Berlin. We draw our inspiration from the pop-culture, cinema, queer life, homosexuality, and pornography. The political situation and environmental crisis are undeniably influencing our art as well. And everything is topped by a mix of irony, sarcasm, and a pinch of cynicism. We usually work with acrylic and oil paint. Still, as Marina Abramovic once said: "The real artist always changes their territory, and they go to the land they've never been," we as well are not afraid to experiment, change media and push ourselfs outside of the comfort zone to express ourselves.

Michele was born in 1983 in Puglia, Italy. He grew up in Torino, where he attended the Art school “R.Cottini” and university for architecture at Politecnico in Torino. After finishing his professional education with a bachelor of science in design at the I.A.A.D. Torino, Michele worked with the studio Formafantasma. At “Tom Design” in Torino, he exhibited his work “Derma.” At the Milano furniture fair, he presented his award-winning design, “Tuitti.” Magazines such as A.D. Elle Decore and Io Donna featured his works as well. In 2017 he united private as well as professional with his partner with whom he is creating ever since.

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Michele Santomarco

The name "Greif Lazic" is an homage to the artists' mothers. These are their maiden names.

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Greif Lazic
Queer Artist Duo

Aleks was born in 1978 in Freudenstadt and grew up In Serbia and in the south of Germany. He studied Audio-Visual-Media design in Nürnberg. After setting up and leading a publishing house for coffee table books in Dubai (Middle East Vision 2006 - 2008), with his partner, they returned back to Berlin and founded a Digital Agency. Creating art was and still is one of the driving forces and catalysts in his life, whether it's analog or digital. Since 2017 he is living and creating together with his partner Michele.

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Aleksandar Mijatovic

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