Humans Suck

The artwork "Humans Suck" paints a striking picture of the connection between humans and nature. This thought-provoking piece features a black globe as its centerpiece, representing our planet Earth. However, this world is not as it seems; it is infested with dark leeches that cover its surface.

These leeches look unsettlingly real, with a glossy, slimy appearance that may make you uncomfortable. What makes them even more disturbing is that they carry miniature cityscapes on their backs. These cities mirror the growth of our own urban areas, highlighting how our expansion consumes energy and resources.

"Humans Suck" serves as a stark reminder of the consequences of our expanding cities and resource consumption. The leeches, much like our cities, act as parasites, draining the lifeblood from the Earth. As the human population continues to grow, these cities expand ever larger, mirroring the leeches' relentless appetite for more.

Measuring 40 x 30 x 30 cm, this artwork's size invites you to explore its intricate details. It's crafted from a found globe, clay, wood, acrylic paint, and gloss varnish and was created in 2021.

In "Humans Suck," you'll encounter a powerful portrayal of how our actions affect the planet. It urges you to think about our role in urbanization and its impact on the environment. This artwork encourages reflection on the balance between human progress and ecological preservation, prompting you to consider the cost of our relentless desires.