Les Exhibitionnistes

June  2024 | BAAM7

Monopol, Berlin | 7th - 9th June 2024

We are super excited to be part of the BAAM for the second time. From the 7th to the 9th of June 2024 at the awesome location Monopol in Berlin.


June 2024 | Gayt Gallery Pride Collection

Group exhibition at the GAYT GALLERY and STORE in Vienna.

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March 2024 | PrideArt Berlin e.V.

Primal Matters | Sense and Sensibility 
Group exhibition at the historic location "The Knast"

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January 2024 | KellerKreuzberg

Sex-positive and queer-owned store in Berlin-Kreuzberg 
Second exclusive collaboration

We are bringing back "Amore"! This is a limited edition of just 10 handmade linocut prints, exclusively available at KELLER KREUZBERG. 

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January 2024 | The Queer Archive

The Queer Archives Partnership 
Limited Edition of Prints exclusive

We're excited to announce our first collaboration with THE QUEER ARCHIVE! Two pieces from our "HIDDEN LOVE" series are now available as limited edition prints, with only 10 of each.

Visit their shop to check out these artworks and discover a variety of amazing artists featured at THE QUEER ARCHIVE.


Our Prints

December 2023 | BAAM6


NoGallery, Berlin | 8th - 10th Dec 2023

We are super excited to be part of the next BAAM from the 8th to the 10th of December at the NOT A GALLERY Gallery in Berlin. If you are in town, come visit us and check out some of our latest artworks, shown exclusively at the art market, as well as some of our favorites. 

BAAM | Not A Gallery

July 2023 | Livingetc

livingetc apartment tour


A tour of Justin's New York apartment, July 2023

This interior designer's golden rule for making small rooms feel bigger set the tone for decorating his own apartment. A tour of this New York apartment gives us fresh ideas on how to combine scale and color for a more joyful space, no matter the size. By Raluca Racasan, Photography by Gieves Anderson 

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June 2023 | Architectural Digest

AD Pro Directory member Justin Charette, June 2023

The pale rose, deep red, and royal blue accents that Justin chose to pepper throughout his home were pulled from a Rrres Studio throw he bought in Mexico City. The cotton blanket now sits on his Design Within Reach Parallel Bed, with drawer fronts he had spray-painted lilac to match. A nuanced gallery wall, with works by Joanne Freeman, Cynthia Rojas, Greif Lazic, and Brian Pearson, hangs above.

“I wanted to make it a little bit queer-oriented without being in your face, so you’ll get things that you can’t really quite decipher,” Justin reveals. “There’s a piece that almost looks like a silver dog bowl, but it’s actually just a really enlarged photo of a cock ring, which is kind of odd, but I think kind of fun.”

By Morgan Goldberg, Photography by Gieves Anderson

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March 2023 | KellerKreuzberg

Our art at the lovely KellerKreuzberg 
Sex-positive and queer-owned store in Berlin-Kreuzberg

Ever since its opening, we've been big fans and supporters of this awesome queer and sex-positive store and the hard work that the owners, Oli and Rob, put into making it such a special space.

If you're in the area, do yourself a favor and visit Keller Kreuzberg. Check out all the cool, sexy, useful, and funny stuff they have in store. While you're there, make sure to check out the art section where you'll find our Linocut print "Amore" alongside other amazing artworks.

March 2023 | Beyond Queer Words

Queer Art Greif Lazic Beyond Queer Words 

A Collection of Poems, February 2023 (Fourth Edition)

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February 2023 | PINAPPLE


Our interview with the amazing Pineapple Zine

My partner is the best in… Aleks: "My partner is the best at sharing his observations of the world around him with me, making me laugh and cry with me while we watch reality TV." Michele: "Blowjobs." 

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November 2022 | Pan Art Gallery Tel Aviv


Group-exhibition curated by Erez Bialer

It is the second year that Pan Homo Art Gallery is collaborating with the Tel Aviv municipal LGBTQIA+ center, and the Bear Pride weekend BEAR.TA, to celebrate the gay bear community in Israel. The exhibit includes 17 artists from Israel and the world, who make gay art in painting, fine art photography, video, and more. 

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July 2022 | Pan Art Gallery Tel Aviv



Group-exhibition curated by Erez Bialer

Pan Homo Art Gallery is proud to collaborate with The Staircase Gallery at the Assemblage Boutique Hotel in Tel Aviv to present an LGBTQIA+ exhibition for Tel Aviv Pride 2022, curated by Erez Bialer. The exhibition will feature 18 artists from Israel and the world, assembling various artworks by Pan artists, celebrating one year of gay art, in oil, acrylic, photography, paper art, collages, and more. 

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November 2021 | The P7 Gallery


Group-exhibition curated by Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert & Aylin Scheer

The P7 Gallery and the artists it has worked with have repeatedly highlighted queer bodies, perspectives, and sensitivities as political. This exhibition is no exception - selves not abiding by societal nor political norms are the ones pushed to the forefront. To unapologetically be after the two years we have been through is more than ever one of the greatest forms of freedom. As we slid away from being to reflecting, from living to reminiscing and from exploring to contemplating, we have also come to understand that what matters is not necessarily what one is. To be queer is not just to have non-heteronormative sex or to put a label on oneself. Queerness revolves around the gazes which define you, the conversations you hold, the bodies you touch, and the ones who touch you back, the spaces you create for others. Therefore, to re-emerge as individuals, as artists, and as queers the way the P7 Gallery is re-emerging with "Heute ist nicht alle Tage," we need to speak as one, but also to speak as a community. 

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September 2021 | Pan Art Gallery Tel Aviv


Group-exhibition curated by Erez Bialer

From the dawn of ancient history's worshiped idols of deities, to modern days’ pop culture megastars - homosexuals have always been at the forefront of creating, experimenting, and exploring with various consciousnesses. From infancy on, gays and lesbians grow outwards from the nuclear family, shedding a skin, into a newly formed identity, governed only by personal experiences, while blazing a trail through mundane life - and God knows in the past year we needed a break from that! The "Idols and Identities" exhibition by Pan Homo Art Gallery, curated by Erez Bialer, features 17 gay and lesbian artists from around the world, with their own interpretation of idols and identities. The exhibition is kindly hosted by Poli’s Artspace at The Polihouse Hotel by the international Brown Hotels network. 

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August 2021 | My Gay Magazine

Our interview with My Gay Magazine

June 2021 | Pan Art Gallery Tel Aviv


Group-exhibition curated by Erez Bialer

Pan homo art gallery is proud to present - the opening collection - a selection of works by Pan artists, curated by Erez Bialer, featuring award-winning artists from Israel, the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, Poland, and Spain. Fine art photography, sculpture, painting, drawing, and soon - even carved fine mineral.

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June 2021 | Siegessäule


Schwule Kunst im Internet - Siegessäule Magazin

The Israeli gallerist and curator Erez Bialer recently launched the Pan Gallery - an international gay online gallery located in Tel Aviv. In the portfolio: male nudes from the USA, Israel, Great Britain, and Germany. Four artists living in Berlin are also included. We met Erez in Tel Aviv for an interview.

March 2021 | Homo Thetie Zine

Gay Fanzine from Paris