Greif Lazic - NFT

Dear friends and art lovers,
this page is dedicated to the brand new world of NFT.
For us it is also very new but at the same time fascinating because we can offer you a more complex and complete way to appreciate our work by introducing motion and sound to our creations. 
We decided to produce only 1/1 edition of NFTs because we want to treat our digital art as the physical one and making only unique pieces. 
The Blockchain we decided to use is Tezos or XTZ because is eco-friendly, secure, designed to evolve and upgradable. 
We found this explanation from be useful for you to understand more:
"Typically, when an artist clicks a button to mint an NFT, this triggers a process called mining on a blockchain network – this requires immense computing power which results in alarmingly high greenhouse gas emissions. However, the Tezos network, which is home to a number of popular NFT marketplaces, including, Interpop, and Kalamint, and previously Hic et Nunc (HEN), has a much lower carbon footprint. Most NFTs are part of the Ethereum blockchain, which uses a method called Proof of Work (PoW). The model Tezos uses, however, employs a Proof of Stake (PoS) concept. While the PoW system relies on computing systems solving mathematical puzzles to verify transactions – which requires a significant amount of electricity – the PoS method relies on users staking assets or cryptocurrency when authenticating a transaction – a process that consumes a fraction of the energy."
Soon we will post our digital artworks here.
In the meantime you can inform yourself and if interested you can check out our first drops at:

Neverlands: Griessmuehle

💦 Gif preview of: NEVERLANDS: Griessmuehle 💦