THF - 77 Shortbread

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The artwork is part of the
Concetto Timpani Collection

Name of Series | The Human Foodprint
Type of Artwork | Sculpture
Size of Artwork/Frame | 60 x 60 x 3 cm
Weight of Artwork | 4800 g
Material Used | Plaster on wood 

Year of Creation | 2020


The Human Foodprint is an ongoing project that we started in 2011.
With this project, we wanted to visualize the amount of plastic packaging used to carry our food. The footprint left by the human population, when it comes to food packaging, is enormous. Almost every food product comes in plastic containers, which have a short life cycle but leave an incredible impact on the ecological system.

Our artistic approach to this topic is to reproduce endless solid copies of these packagings using plaster. Plaster is a natural and sustainable material with incredible beneficial characteristics such as humidity and temperature control in indoor environments.

These plaster pieces create a beautiful pattern that looks like a 3-dimensional wallpaper, giving us an easy way to open a conversation about the human foo”d”print.

The artworks in this series are showcase only a tiny fraction of the real issue.

Plaster, Acrylic, Spray Paint on framed wood panel.

Please check out the photos below.



All artworks are unique and original pieces created by us (Greif Lazic). They come with a signed certificate of authenticity and an official invoice.


For protection reasons, the artworks are wrapped in acid-free archival tissue paper and bubble wrap as well as cardboard corner protectors. Shipping in a cardboard box. 


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