Alpha Males #1

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Type of Artwork | Sculpture
Size of Artwork/Frame | 17 x 25 x 17 cm
Weight of Artwork | 632 g
Material Used | Plexiglass, Clay, Glass & Wood

Year of Creation | 2021



Wood platform with a house of 82 penises shaped in different forms out of plexiglass with feces made of black clay. The platform is covered with a glass dome.

Like a house of cards, the house of dicks is not built to endure time. And things are changing, but they are still among us. The alpha males. Fighting their way up to the top of the "food chain." Their weapons of choice: toxic masculinity, dominance over others, and intimidating physical force. Once on the top, they show everybody underneath what they think of them.

Sculpture: Plexiglass, Clay, Glass, Wood.

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