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Natura Marta, 45,5 x 39,7 x 0,15 cm, Collage, acrylic and pen on black paper, 2018

Natura Morta is one of our ongoing series. Inspired by the great still-life paintings, Natura Morta is picking up on the idea of "Food for thought." At the first look, these still-lifes don't reveal that the flowers' beauty contains another message. The flowers are collages made out of cut-out images from discount supermarkets advertising magazines. These arrive with the daily mail and showcase the amount of cheap, low-quality meat from industrial animal stock farming sold every day. Natura Morta (Italian) or Mrtva Priroda (Serbian) means still life but literally translated means DEAD NATURE.

Artwork NOT framed.

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All artworks are unique and original pieces created by us (Greif Lazic). They come with a signed certificate of authenticity and an official invoice.

For protection reasons, the artworks are wrapped in acid-free archival tissue paper, bubble wrap and shipped in a cardboard box / envelope.